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Why Artemis

Executive Search Capabilities

Artemis specializes in creating value for private equity and debt investors through human capital. When you need talented leaders with the intelligence and proven experience to drive results, we know where to find them and how to strategically position your opportunity in the market.

No BS.

We’re highly selective, and we don't believe in wasting anyone’s time or money. If we're not completely confident we can find the right candidate for you, we won't accept your search. And once your search is underway, we’ll present transformative leaders with the experience and emotional intelligence required to drive a successful exit.

Concierge-level Service

Keeping our client portfolio smaller and purposefully selective allows us to conduct highly tailored and efficient searches. By hand selecting our clients and applying that same diligence to finding candidates, we’re able to match you with executives who are inspired and prepared to propel your organization forward.

Private Equity Experience

At Artemis, we are human capital experts who are 100% focused on working with private equity sponsors. We know what works when seeking and attracting top-tier talent, and our consultative approach yields the best possible results for your search. You won’t find the same level of industry savvy, sense of urgency, or intellect anywhere else.



You’re in the business of multiplying capital, and so are we.

We have the industry background and insights necessary to strategically position your firm and career opportunity, giving you direct access to the most highly sought-after candidates.

Artemis’ approach also expertly aligns executive background and organizational fit to match your business with professionals who have a track record of success in fast-paced environments. 

Once we’re up to speed on your business operations, competitive landscape, and areas of opportunity, we’ll work quickly and efficiently to identify top notch leaders you’ll be excited to hire and have on your team.


Our Search Expertise

We partner with lower middle market Private Equity sponsors and their portfolios for searches spanning the Executive team, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and other core functions. We place game-changing C-suite and VP level leaders who have led private equity backed companies through at least one successful exit.

C-suite and VP Levels

Experience driving successful exits

All Industries & Core Functions

National Reach

Successfully Executed Searches

Chief Executive Officer

Software Phoenix

Chief Executive Officer

FinTech Las Vegas

Chief Operating Officer

Consumer Goods Chicago

Chief Financial Officer

Industrial Chicago

Chief Accounting Officer

Healthcare Los Angeles

Chief Human Resources Officer

Consumer Goods Chicago

Head of Marketing

Tech-Enabled Services Chicago

Head of Information Technology

Consumer Goods Chicago

Vice President of Finance

Healthcare Orlando

Vice President of Finance

Software Phoenix


Leadership Team

After spending fifteen years at mid-sized and global executive search firms, Tara launched Artemis in 2021 with two things in mind — client experience and results.

She credits two things for her success: transparency and saying “no” more often than “yes.” Tara won’t put her reputation on the line for just anyone, and her no nonsense, direct approach instills deep confidence in her ability to achieve her clients’ objectives. By being highly selective about her partners, Tara ensures that she  represents only the best candidates and opportunities in the market.

It’s unlikely you’ll find a smarter recruiter or one with a greater sense of urgency than Tara. She studies the market and its players voraciously, and will learn the key drivers of your business — and the competitive landscape — with remarkable speed.

Tara holds a bachelor’s degree in accountancy from the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign and began her career as an analyst for Merrill Lynch before transitioning to executive search in 2007. Her entire career has been focused on the financial services industry, giving Tara the ability to understand your portfolio, goals, and strategy at great depth.

Jenn is an experienced, no nonsense, executive search professional who enjoys bringing a touch of excitement to the table while finding you exceptional talent to achieve your goals.

With a decade of experience as a top performer at boutique and global organizations, Jenn combines her expertise with a fun and knowledgeable approach to deliver outstanding results.

As a lifelong athlete and former Division 1 golfer/Division III golf coach, Jenn’s love of competition runs deep, and her commitment to empowering and nurturing talent sets her apart in the industry.

Having worked with clients and candidates across the US, Jenn possesses a wealth of knowledge in numerous industries, with particular focus in SaaS, manufacturing, healthcare, and services. She understands the complexities of these sectors and can provide invaluable insights to help you secure the top talent your organization deserves.

Clients rely on Jenn’s candid advice when it comes to securing game-changing, experienced, private equity talent. Her deep understanding of the industry, combined with her ability to identify exceptional individuals, makes her an indispensable partner in your search.


David is an experienced executive recruiter with over twenty years in the industry. Prior to joining Artemis, he worked at mid-sized and large global recruiting firms, where he led searches across diverse sectors including life sciences, manufacturing, services, and technology. David’s successes include placing the CFO of one of the largest mid-market private equity firms in the United States and executing numerous retained searches for a Fortune 50 global bank. 

The mark of a great recruiter is whether your clients stick with you, and David has been a trusted partner to many of his clients for well over a decade. Clients say that David knows how to ask the right questions, is an excellent listener, and reliably delivers superb candidates.

David is a native of Virginia and a graduate of the University of Chicago. Outside of business hours he is an avid student of philosophy.

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